Saturday, February 2, 2008

Start at the Beginning - Resources


Every journey begins with the first step. And, every blog begins with the first entry.

For those of you who are not acquainted with Dr. Koestenbaum, or the concepts of the Leadership Diamond, it might be a good idea start with some information that will help you put your mind into the proper frame of reference. Therefore, this first blog entry will give you a few references and resources that may prove useful.

Dr. Koestenbaum has written a number of books that will be mentioned from time to time in these posts. Of his many works, the two that will probably be of most use to the participants in this blog will be the following:

Leadership - The Inner Side of Greatness

The Philosophic Consultant - Revolutionizing Organizations with Ideas

In addition, more information is available about Dr. Koestenbaum and his work at his web site, (Philosophy in Business).

The next blog entry will begin to deal with the concepts of the leadership diamond. You are invited to post, comment, participate, challenge, and think deeply about leadership, greatness, and your role in making your organization the best that it can be.

Welcome, and thank you for your participation.

PS - If you would like to be able to make new posts, in addition to your ability to comment on existing posts, let me know by including your name, email address, and a statement about your interest in a comment to any post on this blog. I will be happy to change the blog settings to allow others to be authors of content.

As you might expect, I reserve the right to keep the discussion on topic, respectful of others, and focused on learning and developing our understanding of leadership.